At Distance Technologies, we have created the world’s first glasses-free mixed reality solution. This fundamentally changes how people see and interact with the world around them.

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Distance is paving the way for wider adoption of visual AI in everyday life. Our name reflects our mission: to inspire the world’s movement and bridge the gap between humans and technology, the present and the possible, the visible and the invisible.

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“Our belief is that we are creating a nexus point where true Mixed Reality without headsets or glasses becomes ubiquitous and that visual AI has the potential to reach everyone on this planet.” Urho Konttori, CEO & Co-Founder, Distance

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The practical applications for this technology are endless. It can revolutionize the driving experience. Supercharge the situational awareness for pilots. And ultimately - bringing visual AI on top of everyday life. 

By removing barriers between the physical and the digital, between humans and technology, we’re moving into a new dimension for imagination. Empowering you to see, work, play and communicate in ways you never thought possible.

Our technology transforms virtually any transparent surface into a 3-dimensional light field that seamlessly integrates into the real world. We have achieved pixel-perfect depth control where virtual content can appear at any distance, embracing the entire field of view in mixed reality. Finally - and for the first time ever - possible without headsets, glasses or other wearables. 

And yet, this is just the beginning. Together with our partners, the journey into a new world between the seen and the unseen starts now.

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Ready to go the Distance? The most profound technologies need to be seen to be believed. If you are interested in a demo or want to talk to us, let us know.

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